Swordfishing 101: Go where the most data is.

LinkedIn has a vast pool of candidates, and plenty of data points for Swordfish to work from. Swordfish's best coverage is on LinkedIn, followed by Facebook then Twitter & Github.

What you'll need:

  1. A Swordfish account
  2. Swordfish Chrome Extension installed

Step 1: Create A Search On LinkedIn!

The pop up will automatically show on the right side, providing 'auto open' is selected.

Select which candidates you would like to find contact info for. But there's more.....

Step 2: Select "Must Haves"!

A "must have" is your required contact information.

A lot of recruiters prefer candidates where they have both a mobile and email they can use to reach them at.

If you require that - you can tell Swordfish to only give you results that have your "must have" info, in bulk.

Selecting 'any' will give you results where Swordfish finds or email or mobile or landline or all three.

You can create lists for your results too. Your results get automatically added to your list once complete.

Pro tip:

You can use this bulk search feature on Facebook Groups and Facebook Search Results too. Watch how it works on Facebook.


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